Saturday, February 4, 2017

It's been about a year and a half since last I posted.  After surgery, I just didn't seem interested in fiddlin' with it, but now I'd like to start again.  I've not been idle for this time, so I'll show you the things I've tracked with photos and look at what I'm working on now - but not all at once.  Let me say at the renewed outset, how inspired I am by so many other bloggers in the sewing field and how they have enriched my crafting experiences since my retirement.  It's the whole community aspect that sets off this urge to share!  Thanks!

Lately, I've been making bags; mostly for wrapping Christmas presents but also for my own use.  My favorite so far included a zipper pocket and the application of a snap.  Yea!  Here are some of the pictures: (click on picture to open whole post.)
 This pattern is the Madeleine Bag by Imagine Gnats complete with excellent tutorials on snaps and zipper applications.
 Here's the other side and (below) the snap and the cell phone pocket.

 The zipper is my first and was much easier than I anticipated.

I used a few 4 pieces of a Rowan Fat Quarter collection which will also show up in a Flying Geese quilt -- one day.
 This little bag was made last spring and was my first handbag.  It is called a Dresden Purse and was made using Jenny Doan's YouTube video tutorial.
I made it a little smaller than the tutorial but it is still roomy and easy to load and go.

That's all for today.  Thanks for looking and here's picture of one of my sewing partners:
Jasmine with the green eyes!

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  1. Hi there. Since you left a nice comment at my blog (I almost never get comments :-)) I had to come and have a look at yours. I really like the Dresden purse with the blue tiger cats! I love how our blogs allow us to show off and share our work, with people who understand our crazy passion. I don't have any real life quilting friends, and while other people might really admire my work, they don't really get it: the love for fabric, how hard it is to make the first cut, the many, many hours of work that go into even a small project like a bag (and many more hours brooding over plans to make stuff). So it's nice to share in this way!