Saturday, June 3, 2017

As you may have noticed, I took a couple weeks off from blogging.  Just one of those things.  However, I did not stop sewing things.  So, let me catch you up a little.

This is the Sewcial Bee Sampler Block #16 - King's Crown. It turned out a little wobbly.  But we move on...

This is Block #17 called Spools.  It is one of the borderless blocks. And, last but not the very last,

Block #18, Square Peg.  Just finished it up today.  To see the hundreds of other blocks that have been made go to Instagram #SewcialBeeSampler. To download all the blocks, go to Sharon Holland's blog and this week's giveaway from Lady Belle Fabrics is still open for entries at Maureen Cracknell's blogspot.

Now, when last we chatted, I was determined to make a Circle of Geese block as a mini quilt. The difficulty was that it is a paper pieced project and I'd never done that.  I spent the first day sewing and then patiently un-sewing the block.  By the third try I was no longer feeling very patient.  I decided to try again another day with my trusty little computer and the online tutorial.  If you're interested in trying this you can find the free block and tutorial by clicking here.

The next time I played with it (with computer beside the sewing machine) I finally got the hang of it and only had to un-sewed a couple of lines.  This is the template with 3 pieces sewn on.

Here's the other side and where the pieces are sewn to the template.  When 4 blocks were completed, it looked like this:

Time to sew it together and try quilting it on the machine.  We'll look at that next week.  Oh, and I also started but haven't quite completed full size quilt top.  Here's a sneak peak at some of the parts:

I think it will be all pieced by next week as well.  Have a lovely week and I hope we'll chat again next Saturday!