Friday, May 8, 2015

Today I completed the top and borders of a lap quilt I've been making for a friend for two years, literally.  It is about 45" x 54" unfinished.  Next up back and quilting.  I'm thinking of just outlining the batik boxes in black thread on the machine.  I've not done a lot of machine quilting but that doesn't sound too difficult and I'd like to finish it in the next couple of weeks instead of more years!  Other ideas?

Thursday, May 7, 2015

So, after 20 years or so of off and on again thinking about seriously quilting, I pulled together all the blue fabric I could find and began to try to see what I might be able to make of them.  After several days of more or less non-stop Pinterest browsing, I decided to do something really small and by hand to get started.  I picked this little, free pattern from Craftsy by HopeTN from Australia. (Thank you!)  It's called Rainbow Flowers Mini Block!
After about a week, this was the result:

It is about 11" by 9.5".  It has some contrast problems which serve to hide the cute pattern, but is is about learning.  Sew, now I know.  My favorite part was the fussy cut fish on the outer border of the block.  I stumbled across this fabric scrap hidden in a drawer in the extra bedroom.

About two weeks in, I started doodling on graph paper and because I still had lots of blue scraps left settled on a double pinwheel for my next block.  Made 4.

Just need to decide what blocks come next and how they'll all eventually fit together.  Hope you're having a great day!  Auntie D