Saturday, February 25, 2017

Hello!  So the sashing material for my Sewcial Bee Sampler Sew-Along quilt came in Thursday. These are the first 4 blocks complete with the lavender sashing.

The next picture is the palette of fabrics I'm working with for this quilt.  It was called an Easter Sampler Fat Quarter on Connecting Thread.  I love the spring feel of it.  This quilt will have a thin sash separating the blocks, too.  I'm thinking using a dark purple Essex Linen for that.  I'll show it later.

've started a new set of piecings for a quilt I'm calling Waves.  I'm hoping the solids from dark to light look like waves rolling in at the beach.  There are still many more pieces to go and I'm doing them by hand to go along with TV watching.  Laid out the pieces this morning to see how it was coming along.  Watcha Think?

The last thing to share today is a long time project that is finally coming to a stopping point. Since my 1st blog, May 7, 2015, I've been making random blocks that finish out at 6.5 inches or some multiple of that with the notion of putting them all together.  A Multi Mini Sampler of sorts.  My inspiration was Jen Kingwell's Gypsy Wife quilt but I didn't want it to be an exact match or replica, just in that direction.  Well, it is up on the design board now and ready for a sneak peek...

I welcome comments and hope you enjoy reading along.  Til next week.  Bye bye.  Debbie

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  1. What a nice variety of projects you are working on. I am very partial to purples, so your first picture especially caught my eye. I'm fairly new to blogging and came across your blog via 2017 New Quilter Blogs. I look forward to seeing more of your projects.