Saturday, March 18, 2017

Finished up Block 7 of the Sewcial Bee Quilt Sampler this week. Those are long-eared lambs not mis-shapen rabbits (as my husband assumed.
I was planning to do machine quilting this week, but all sorts of events changed how much time was available.

So, this morning I decided to make a new purse and use another snap!  I used three fat quarters and made up the steps as I went along.  It is very simple - like a small tote with Heat & Bond interfacing. It took a fat quarter for the bottom, a fat eighth for the contrasting color and part of another fat quarter for the lining and pocket inside.

It has one inside pocket and at the top - a snap!  I love this new snap tool and will try to show you how it works.

The snap set has 4 pieces. Two are just alike and are the outside buttons.  They have a very pointy back piece and I was advised by an Amazon review to shorten it just a little.  Hopefully, in this picture you can see the whole back with full pointy piece (left) and the shortened one (right). I just clipped it with scissors.

I used the awl that came with the set to poke matching holes through the top of the bag.

Then I pushed one of the back caps with pointy part through the hole.

Then position one of the interior pieces over the pointy part.  Below is the tool used to set the snaps.

Position the black side over the back of the snap and the clear piece over the interior snap piece. Then just apply pressure.  I have arthritis in my hands and cannot apply a lot of pressure but it doesn't take too much.  Then it is done:

Next week we'll look at this mystery project and I'll tell you what went right and what went WRONG.  In the meantime I've added a place for you to put in your email address and receive notification when the next post arrives. (I would never sell it - promise.)  Love to hear from you, so comment away!  Thanks, Debbie


  1. Very interesting snap tool! I maybe just unearthed one the other day. What is the name of this tool? I am curious about the mystery project - looking forward to hearing about it.

  2. Hi Kathleen. Thanks for your interest. I found the Snap set on Amazon. It's brand name is "Ounona". Very nifty set with strange name. They make a bunch of different items but you'll quickly see the 360 piece snap sets with tools. It is very colorful. Have a great day.